Unusual Flower Pots

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photo by whiteafrican

photo by whiteafrican

Looking to add a little interest to your potted plants, but don’t have a lot of money to spend?  Consider using cast off containers you may find in your basement or garage!

Just about any container can be repurposed as a flower pot.  Consider using old pots and pans, or old serving bowls.  You can use old tires, wheelbarrows, shoes…anything that can hold soil or a plant will do, with just a few simple adjustments!

If you use a wooden container, you’ll want to treat it to prevent rot.  Then, you’ll need to use a liner if you intend to grow anything edible in that container.  (Or you can leave it untreated – I’ve had untreated wood in my garden for about five years without any visible rot.  It will start to rot eventually and need to be replaced.)

If you use a metal container, you’ll need to make sure it won’t rust.  Consider using a rust retardant.

Drainage can be a factor in containers without drainage holes.  You can either create your own drainage holes or go without one.  If you want to go without, simply place about 1-2 inches of small rocks or gravel  in the bottom of your container.  If you want to make a hole in a ceramic container, see this how to.

I’d love to know what else you’ve used as a container for your potted plants! Leave a comment below so we can share our ideas for different ways of potting plants!

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