Weatherproof Art

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Archway to the Garden 44 x 32 Weatherproof Wall ArtYesterday’s post inspired me to search a little more into weatherproof art.  Where can you get all weather prints?  How are they make?  Is it something you can do yourself?

Weatherproof art is created by using a combination of UV resistant paint and a sealer to keep out the moisture.  With UV resistant paint, you avoid the fading that would come from a picture being out in the sun.  The moisture barrier then protects the art from high humidity and rain.

There are a few sites which sell weatherproof art. One is   They have a nice selection of fine art, with an average price around $150. I highlighted my favorite picture at the top of this post.

Another is Darby Creek Trading Company.  They offer more country style prints, and take about 3-4 weeks to ship.

Interesting in pictures printed on tiles instead?  I found a neat photography site at J. Katch Creations.  They use an ink sublimination process to create a picture on a ceramic tile.  They look just like real photographs, only more weatherproof.

If you’re interested in making your own outdoor art, you can try painting an existing picture with a thin layer of polyurethane.  It may take more than one coat, but you should be able to waterproof your painting in this way.  However, it won’t protect the picture from sun damage.  But if you have an inexpensive picture, this can be an affordable way to add wall art to your outdoor space.

Outdoor Decor in the News

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It seems everyone is talking about outdoor decor these days.  Maybe it’s just because summer is finally here, and people are staying home more, but it seems that we want a nice area hang out in at our homes.  And the options that are available are becoming nicer and nicer.

I found an interesting news story at The Daily Journal.  It talks about creating living spaces outside, including waterproof rugs and wall art.  One idea mentioned was making family photos waterproof to hang on the walls.  They suggested taking your prints to a local copy center and asking for them to be weatherproofed.  If the copy center does not offer that service, you can coat your prints with a thin layer of polyurethane.

Also, Joanie Richard wrote that we should embrace the outdoor living room.  I agree!  When the value of your home becomes less than you payed for it, you should maximize every inch of space that you’re paying for, including the outdoors.  And being outside lets you get to know your neighbors.