Smart Solar Chameleon Solar Globe light

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Smart Solar Chameleon Solar Globe light
Manufacturer: STI Group
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Product Description

The Solar Chameleon Smart Globe adds decorative lighting that is ideal for your garden, pond or pool. This 6inch diameter globe has 3 modes that include Super Bright White LED mode, continuously cycles through color spectrum mode, and stop on a specific color mode. The Solar Chameleon Smart Globe offers a virtually unlimited color spectrum as it cycles between: yellow, orange, red, lilac, purple, blue, teal, green. With the rechargable and replaceable Ni-MH battery that charges during the day and automatically illuminates at night, this globe can be set or mounted almost anywhere!Established in 2002, Smart Solar offers a wide selection of exclusively solar powered products. We design, manufacture, and customize all of our own items for your patio and garden. Enjoy our solar powered, energy efficient, and environment-friendly lighting solutions, water features, and outdoor decor. We are confident you will love solar living - that's why we've been creating solar products and growing the solar lifestyle for nearly 15 years.

Product Details

  • 6" diameter globe
  • Can be used or mounted almost anywhere: sits on table, stakes in ground, or floats on water
  • Continuously cycles through color spectrum or press Freeze button to stop on a specific color
  • Ambient lighting for any area
  • Illuminates automatically during darkness
  • Discreet integral solar panel inside the globe
  • Energy saving super-bright RGB LED technology
  • Battery capacity for up to 12 hours illumination
  • Replaceable rechargeable Ni-MH batteries
  • Includes base, stake, and anchor bag

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