Memory Gardens

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Memory gardens are a timeless method to add beauty to your outdoor garden décor as well as honor those you love. It’s common to use one to remember and honor those who have gone before and to mark the new births and weddings of those you love.

A memory garden can be as big as a whole yard, or as small as a potted plant. Your plant choices are only limited by what grows in your climate. Many people choose to plant trees to honor those they love. You can also choose to plant a flower that is a namesake, such as Daisy or Violet. Another method is to choose to plant favorite plants of those you love.

If you want to plant a garden to honor each child or grandchild as it is born, why not choose plants based on birth month?  The plants are

  • January – Carnation

  • February – Violet

  • March – Daffodil

  • April – Daisy

  • May – Lily of the Valley

  • June – Rose

  • July – Larkspur

  • August – Gladiolas

  • September – Aster

  • October – Calendula

  • November – Chrysanthemum

  • December – Narcissus

Many people plant memory gardens in honor of those they’ve lost. For this type of garden, you should choose flowers or plants that your loved one enjoyed. You can also choose decorations based on what you know they would have liked, or even ones that might resemble them a bit. For example, if your sister was known for good deeds, you might place a statue of an angel in your memory garden.

Your garden should also give you comfort. Make sure each item you place in the garden is one that evokes happy memories of the time you had together and the best features of the one you loved. Just the act of creating the memory garden can help you ease the pain of losing someone you loved and create a healthy way of honoring them.

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