Garden Accents – More Than Just Pink Flamingos

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Christopher W/ Latern Gnome

Back in college, we perpetuated a fundraiser known as the “Pink Flamingo Removal Service” We would sneak into the yard at night of our intended victim and plant hundreds of pink flamigos. For a small fee, that person could then hire our services. It actually worked better than you would think – we raised quite a bit of money! I guess pink flamigos were the most hated lawn decoration of the time…

Now, you have so many different choices when it comes to yard and garden accents. There’s designer stepping stones. There’s giant spiders made from bowling balls. There’s just about anything you can imagine!

If you want a more formal look, try a reflecting ball. You can go classic with Greek columns. Or you can go natural with animal topiaries and bird baths. For a more abstract, architectural look, think about salvaging old window frames or wagons.

However, to avoid a flamigo problem, try to keep your decorations all in the same theme. Don’t overdo it – we all know the house with 20 million gnomes. While five might be okay, 20 or 30 can make it look like Halloween. Or a giant Travelocity gnome party – which might actually be fun in Phil from the Amazing Race shows up!

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