Conserve Water with Style? Yes, You Can!

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rain-collectorIs it even possible?  If you have a modern or playful style and need to conserve water, you might be interested in this neat little gadget.  This rain collector (RC-1) holds 45 gallons of rainwater.  You can also attach it to your gutter to collect the runoff, and it has a screen on the top to filter out leaves and such.

My favorite feature is a spigot on the front, which lets you pour the water into a watering can, or even attach it to your hose to water the plants.   Inhabitat wrote that “the RC-1 is the perfect example of an accessible and sustainable gardening tool.” 

They also make a drying rack (DR-1) which doubles as a garden screen.  I could see using it to cover your air conditioner while airdrying a few items, though it does not look like it would hold that much.

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